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I am ON FIRE. Hey, just like the dude on the cover, lol. Don’t worry, I won’t do stand up anytime soon. But I do hope you’ll sit down with this book in the near future.




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I hope you’ve been reading all the good things! I just did and I want to tell you about it.

A perk of being in an author collaboration is you can ask a fellow author if you can read their book early – which I did when I read the blurb of Delaney Rain’s book, The Demon’s Dealbreaker.

How’s this for a catchy tag line:

A witch, two fairies, a minor god, and four demons walk into a bar and suddenly Dwyer Eamonn’s life will never be the same.

Having that little scenario of a perhaps a bad joke in my head, I had to read it.

One thing about me is that I’ve not read a lot of PNR. And the ones I have read are mainly PNR light I’d call them. Which is also what I like to write when I step into the paranormal. I’m particularly fond of the whole – there’s creatures who walk among us but we don’t know it– premise. And that’s exactly what this book is and I FLOVED it.

(Especially the bit about unicorns being shifters and attracted to virgins. That was priceless, lol)

So, the first few chapters are a bit confusing because there’s a lot of characters in and out and it’s fast paced. But once it slows down and you know Dwyer will need to spend time with each one of his suitors, that’s when it gets really interesting.

Each being explains to Dwyer what he gets if he chooses to be their heir as well as what his parents got for their end of the deal. What I particularly enjoyed was Dwyer’s memories of some of these things that he didn’t even know were significant at the time. The spell book he used to heal himself and the butler who wasn’t really a butler.

From a god who looks like Santa, to “tattooed hottie” and the demon himself, every being has different supernatural powers… and a story.

The main demon, Tamiel is delightful. I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone, but I’ll tell you, I was not expecting how he and Dwyer would bond. When Tamiel tells us how he a became a fallen angel, I gasped. I think I even said something out loud, lol. But it was a truly beautiful passage and one I’m jealous I didn’t think of, lol.

When all the little threads get tied up at the end I had such a giant smile! Maybe as big as Dwyer’s when he was at Eggplant Entertainment headquarters! Which was truly one of the funniest chapters. (and hot!)

I’m sure there’s more about this book I want to talk about but I’d rather you just go read it! It was honestly so entertaining the whole way through. Highly recommend.

It releases September 24 and is part of the Possessive Love Series.

My book, My Saintly Demon releases October 6.

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