Oh dear reader, I read a gem of a book this weekend!

Before I tell you about it, I’ll first tell you I’m a fangirl of this author. So much so, I barged into his messages one day and never left. So, I might be biased, but I don’t think so.

Now let me tell you about the absolutely charming story, Curiosity Caught the Demon.


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I love reading stories that don’t fit the mold. The stories that do their own thing, not worrying about the usual conventions of romance. The POV, the break up… your beliefs about hell.

Yep, that’s right. Hell has a new look and Gremory the demon is going to spin a tale that might make you look at things just a tad differently.

Gremory takes us through his millenia of life in little pieces here and there as he comes to earth to meet the red headed hottie, Scotty. His internal monologues and reflections on human interactions are amusing yet… accurate.

This demon is different in the way he goes about his business. There’s no bloodshed. But there is a possessive protection mode when it comes to Scotty. It’s vowing to get Scotty answers without hurting anyone. Or gathering things for his antique shop that will help him but not through illegal means. Because Scotty is so tender and kind. So moral, even when he’s a doormat.

What I loved the most about this book was it’s POV is told strictly from the demon. The pictures of hell he paints buck the accepted thoughts of the afterlife all around and I loved that. I loved how he stayed away from too precious memories when he was doing “research” and how he still spoke in a very formal way. He helped with housework without using his powers because that seemed like a better thing to do.

He’s just… I loved him.

And I must say, the final sex scene after their Halloween party was one I give A+ for creativity!

It’s a super fun story with an HEA and an epilogue that will maybe bring a tear to your eye.

If you’re reading the possessive love series, don’t skip this one.

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