My Dirty Witch

Series: Horns, Hexes and Heathens #2
Genre: MM Romance
Release Date: September 20, 2024
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I suck at magic.

That’s normally not a bad thing, but when you’re a witch?

Honestly, having been banished to earth and in the company of humans isn’t that bad. I mean, I have a home, friends, and even a few hobbies, but that doesn’t stop me from being plagued with nightmares or make breaking the curse feel any less impossible.

And while it feels like spending my life alone is inevitable, I crave the physical touch of a lover. The itch to find my heart’s mate is back and louder than ever.

When your best friend’s dad is your wingman—and a demon—it’s all kinds of awkward meeting the love of your life.
But here we are.

The adorable and eccentric owner of the magic store believes in witches and is into the same kink I am. I want to say that it’s fate, or meant to be, but when nothing in my life has ever been easy, I don’t want to get my hopes up.

Is my love life finally going to evolve from spying on my roommates or am I destined to remain a virgin for eternity?

My Dirty Witch

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