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If you’re on my newsletter, you’ll know I often include book recs. But not everyone opens the newsletter with the book recs. Or maybe you just don’t like newsletters. Whatever the reason for you to miss my book recs, I decided to make a blog. A home for all the books I love and hopefully ones you’ll love too.

Now I need to remember to keep posting here, LOL. That may be difficult since I tend to forget why I walk into rooms most days, BUT… I’m gonna do my best.

So, let me get on with my first blog book review here for you.




My Sister’s Sweetheart by Kota Quinn

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Could the title be any more cute?

This book is a part of a multi author series centered around a dating app. That scenario always has great potential and paired with characters created by Kota, I was certain I’d like it before the first page.

Hudson is a man who takes awhile to discover what he really likes. A late bloomer in a way. But with a gentle nudge by a conspiring co-worker, he makes the bid to win the pretty twink he has his eye on. The one he already knows – his ex’s little brother.

While this may be a scenario that could be angsty, it’s not. Kota leads us down the sweetest path and has these two being romantic before they even meet, and before Rowan even knows who his secret daddy is.

The kink is extra light and it fits this story, and this couple perfectly. Hudson is such a genuine care giver it warmed my heart to see him follow his heart and just do what his instincts said to. Rowan finally got to follow his heart and the scene at the book fair is my favourite.

I’m a huge fan of stories that focus more on the emotion than the physical part. While there was steam here, it was minor and it fit.

If you’re looking for a fast, feel good, smile on my face read – pick this one up.

I even gave you the link to check it out. So go on and have a look and I hope you like it!


  1. Oh! I just bought this and it arrived a couple of days ago. I couldn’t remember why I’d gone for this cuz Daddy kink is not my usual read. Glad to hear it has other qualities that I’ll appreciate. Thanks!

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