So, rockstars are hot right?

Last fall I raved about the book Punk-in, by Ava Olsen. Legit one of my fave reads in 2023.

I was lucky enough to read book two, B-Mine, early and let me tell you…. wow. What a phenomenal follow up!

It kept me up late for two nights in a row. I wasn’t even mad about that.

Dawson, the bodyguard and Holloway, the lead guitarist of Wayward Lane are HOT AF y’all. I love everything Ava writes because she can hold the tension so well through a story. The sexual tension just crackled, much like it did with Brodie and Van in their story.

These characters are so…normal. I mean that in a good way. Other than being in the spotlight with a famous band, everything Iain goes through you can relate to. Yet you hold your breath, hoping he can figure his shit out. Both of these characters communicate, which I  love, even if it takes Iain awhile to get there.

There’s a scene in the bookstore where he suggests a book for Dawson’s son because it was one his mother read to him was so heartfelt. It wasn’t the epic sex scenes (Dawson has a hella dirty mouth on him) or the concert scenes with the sexy guitar player, it was a single tender moment about a book that stole my heart.

Anyway, I could write a whole book about how much I loved this one. But I’d rather you read it and tell me how much you loved too.

It comes out January 31. Prepare yourself.

Definitely a read I recommend.

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