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If you’re new here, here’s something about me – I love to read a good swoony romance just as much as I enjoy writing them. And for the first time in a long time… I binged two books! And discovered a new author so let me say I’m beyond happy about it.

First up is Where there’s a Will. It’s book one in the series titled Dads and Adages by Anna Sparrows.

It’s an age gap with a fire fighter and a single dad. Your heart is broken in chapter three, so be warned. But it’s put back together in the sweetest way so keep reading. I adored how well Connor and Will fit and they both got a second chance at literally everything.

But it’s the next book that kept me up because it had all of my faves!


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Single Dad

First times

I could go on, lol.

You Don’t Know Jack is book two in this series and so super swoony! I loved everything about it. Anna has such an entertaining style it even makes the painful parts easier to get through. Jack is a giant teddy bear you can’t help but love and Leo…poor Leo. He’s been through so much in his young life.

When characters in a book draw me in and make me wish they were in the livingroom with me, I know it’s a great book. Especially Toby. He needs a story and I sure hope he’s in the plans.

If you love a low angst story with characters you wish you could hug in real life and the all dang swoon….read this one.

I guarantee it will check all your boxes.

Happy Reading!

If you have any firefighter romances you loved, feel free to drop a rec in the comments.

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