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I’m sorry it’s been so long since I shared a read with you. Reading has been hard lately, as in time to read. Between life and appointments it’s been very slow.

But I bought this book last year and never did get to read so I thought, how about now? I don’t normally read Christmas books. They have no huge draw for me just because it’s set at Christmas. I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but Christmas books aren’t always my thing – unless its by a one click author.

Aurora Crane is always a one click for me. I love all the snarky banter and quirks of all the characters. Since I was feeling like reading a bit of one my favourite characters, Lake, I finally got to this one and I’m so happy I did!



This story is a spin off from the Chain Reaction series but it can totally be read as a standalone. You’ll be introduced to characters there but in no way will you be lost.

Felix and Zach are an established couple with HUGE feelings for Avery, their best friend’s little brother. You’d think two soldiers, two smart capable soldiers at that, would be better at articulating their intentions to Avery. And you would be wrong, LOL.

There’s enough misunderstandings to make you scream but in the best possible way. Avery crushed on these two for years but as anyone would do, he didn’t act on it. He was younger and the tag along with the older brother and his friends. Felix and Zach can be forgiven for their approach to telling Avery what they want and Avery’s reaction is absolutely warranted. Polyamory isn’t something he’s thought of or even knows much about. He wasn’t about to tear two friends apart and make them choose.

I really loved how once it clicked with Avery he finally “got it”. He figured out his mistakes and after a whole bunch of comical explanations and apologizing a gentle and beautiful love was realized for all three men.

It’s short and full of laughs and definitely steamy. It was the perfect light read for a chilly night and I got to see Lake again. If you’ve not read his story it’s Third Time Lucky and one of my absolute favourite reads.

Read Two Soldiers for Christmas if you’re looking for smiles and a bit of ohmygodthatshot.


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