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I was absolutely obsessed with this book! So let me give you my take of On The 2 by one of the many authors I admire, Felice Stevens.




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I’m not a New Yorker, but I’ve been on the Toronto subway and I think the sentiment of don’t make eye contact and don’t talk to strangers on the subway is the same. So I totally get why Nash always did what he did.

But Ethan, he’s that kind of guy who just loves people. He notices things and he’s a talker by nature. Sometimes those people can piss you off because all you want to do it scroll on your phone or read because your commute is the only time you have to do so. But his personality can’t be ignored. Not even by Grouch-face.

The concept of looking for someone every day on the same train was romantic on it’s own. Nash spent his whole life carrying resentment and not wanting to put himself out there, for his own very valid reasons. So when he was disappointed the mornings Ethan wasn’t there, it kinda broke my heart. And when he lets his guard down and finally gives something to Ethan, god, my heart skipped and cheered him on!

You meet your perfect match in the oddest of places sometimes.

I loved how we got to watch these two grow before that amazing first kiss. Nash was a hard nut to crack and his bravery for finally taking the chance for happiness brought a little tear to my eye. Ethan had his own dragons to slay, too. It’s sometimes hard to believe you fit in with people in a higher pay class as you. It’s a common human thought process to segregate ourselves that way and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it. But he stood up for himself and got the nudge he needed from an adorable landlady. Everyone needs a Gladys in their life.

The thing about this story that I was obsessed with was simply the characters. Nash and Ethan alone were so rich and real. Hearing Ethan spew things about men’s fashion (which I don’t give a single fig about) was still interesting. He just jumped off the page and it felt like his smile was right there and I smiled back. Nash was a grump and… reminded me of myself, LOL. I completely related to him on so many levels.

But my favourite thing about this book and also about Felice’s stories is the lack of those third act breakups. There were a lot of threads that could have ended in disaster. Ethan’s ex, Julia, Nash’s dad, even Nash and Ethan themselves. But they handled their shit and talked. And I appreciate that. Ethan and Nash showed their true selves then and that made such an impact on the story.

Anyhow, I’m babbling. I do that.

I loved this book and it was a smile inducing swoonfest that I adored. You should check it out.

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  1. I have not read this but another of Felice Stevens books, In a New York Minute.
    I never would have seen this book but it was a certain someone in one of my favorite book clubs who recommended it. WOW! I LOVED IT! What a crazy story but what a great one too! A rock star that is living with such depression he drinks and does weed and lets tabloids talk trash about him. That is Remi. But he goes home to his Grandpa Sol to help him screw his head on straight.
    Then there is sweet Garrett who is so sweet he has so much trouble getting over his 15 year relationship/marriage to Ryan. His Bubbe gets involved by taking out a billboard in TIMES SQUARE for her grandson for a date. Remi responds. That is the beginning of the most fantastic and magnificent love story. It is because they people who care for them in their family and true friends who check on you. This is a beautiful M/M HEA that takes place in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. As a former teacher, I certainly understood some of Garrett’s problems with his principal but also kids who really needed me and that was 20 years ago.
    This is an absolute MUST READ!
    There are other stories that have to do with some of the periphery people. I am excited to read more!

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