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As you probably figured out earlier by all my reading recs, I’m a fan of the nautical themed Voyagers series by Ava Olsen.

Since book one I’ve been invested in all the characters, including the mysterious Charlie. He had just enough of a part to catch my attention and when I found out he had a Christmas novella dedicated to him… it was all hands on deck and I politely asked to read it early, LOL.

You can read this as a stand alone. You don’t need to be caught up on the series to enjoy this one. Although, it wouldn’t hurt. It’s a great series. But if you’re after a quick holiday read this will likely scratch that itch.


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What I loved the most about this short and sweet novella, is how tender Kiernan is. A former MMA fighter now bodyguard, he’s the perfect cinnamon roll of a character. Charlie is so careful with his heart and the two are already so close as friends you just root for them to acknowledge their bond.

When they finally do, you’re rewarded with such a sweet love. As they lay it all out and unpack their fears to each to each other it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Love may be sweet but this little book also has steam. Sex in super single size beds on a yacht made me fondly recall my own times in a tiny dorm bed, including whacking my head on the bookshelf they thought would be in a great position, LOL.

I smiled the whole time and I definitely shed a few tears. It was so fun to see all the other characters again, including my favourite Captain George and Rafe. The epilogue though… my heart. 🥹

I just really want you to read this and tell me if you loved it like I did!

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