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It’s no secret I’m a fan of Aurora Crane’s work. I’ve recommended a few of their books before and I’d like to shout about this one too.

Forward Entry is book one of what I hope becomes a series following this entertaining crew of AFL (The Australian Football League, or simply Aussie Rules) players for the Sydney Swallows.


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Noah and Bryce are the very loveable lead characters in this low angst laugh out loud story. Noah is the older player of the two and Bryce is the young captain of the opposing team. It all starts harmlessly enough. Bryce is bicurious and seeks out Noah for help. Noah of course is willing to “take one for the team” in the sake of exploration because Bryce is just his type.

Teaching the hot, awkward captain all there is about being with a man? How could he say no?

Yes, we know how the story will end. It is a romance after all, but here’s what you don’t see coming. The emotional growth of Noah and the maturity of Bryce. An athlete’s chosen sport is like a marriage. It comes first unlike other careers do. Which is where Noah has been most of his life. He’s never allowed himself to feel, to want more than casual relationships because… well, he didn’t think it was possible. Sport was his life.

Bryce, my god, I want to keep him in my pocket. He’s so innocent and awkward but he loves his friends and family hard. He goes after everything he wants and it’s his passion to lead and set an example that won him the C on his jersey. He has future plans and carries textbooks with him on road trips to study. He is THE most loveable AFL player you’ll ever meet.

There’s so many moments in this story where the two of them become even more real and jump off the page I can’t list them all. But every single one of them adds a layer to them that you can’t help but love. Especially that scene in the sex shop! My word I was out of breath with that one, lol. Watching Noah fall in love before he even realizes it himself was a treat and I loved it.

But honestly from a camping trip with a newbie, making dinosaur cookies, meddling friends and siblings and the back drop of athletes playing Aussie Rules that they live and die for makes for a smile fest of epic proportions.

It’s hot. It’s funny. It’s a beautifully built world full of rich characters.

It should be on your TBR, preferably at the top.

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